Scaling up user acquisition
through a data-driven influencer strategy.

Objectives & Achievements

NordVPN is the leading European VPN provider globally. When we first met them in 2018, their objective was clear: build a scalable and predictable influencer channel that could be used to fuel rapid growth across multiple markets.

Since 2018, we delivered over 390 influencer activations across 33 markets. Over time, we have built the flywheel of growth for the company and, on average, now predictably delivering £1.46 of directly attributable revenue for every £1 spent.

Due to the success of our work so far, monthly client spend has increased by 500% since our partnership with plans to scale further through H2 2020.

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Execution & Optimisation

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Optimising on data

Analysis of 155 different data points allowed us to find patterns in the data and continuously reshape and refine our strategy and selection criterion. One example of a single optimisation to our selection criterion was around viewership variance. Our analysis of the data highlighted that influencers with a variance of over 25% per video generated, on average, 54% less in sales. Through quick identification and incorporation into our selection criterion we rapidly increased influencer ROI. We also found out which categories and countries we should focus on by comparing numbers. These are just two of many optimisations that incrementally increased ROI from -90% in the first campaign to a predictably 146%+ on all spend today

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Optimising the creatives

Using our in-house framework for assessing creatives, we looked at 24 different variables for each video in order to understand why certain pieces of content were resonating with audiences. We quickly found that videos where influencers had a high level of audience related creativity and contained two specific talking points, performed on average 78% better. Doubling down on the data we amended our influencer brief, creating specific material for each category in order to develop personalised talking points for their specific audiences. This was used this to drive greater performance from each integration. Yet more proof that moments perform better than impressions.

Maximising influence

Alongside influencer activations, we work with the brand to identify the top performers and re-use content as part of a repeatable content strategy. You will now find influencer content using on the brand site, CRM process and pushed across social channels.

Expansion to new audiences

Our routine post-live review of influencers allowed us to identify which categories were likely to out/underperform. Using the data, we focused our energies on the categories most likely to over-index on driving sales.

Ambassador programme

We quickly identified the best performing influencers and locked them in to long-term, exclusive partnerships, protecting NordVPN from competitors. The ambassador programme has proven to be an effective tool and reducing cost and driving additional ROI for the brand.

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